Resort & Conference Facilities

Monday Evening Selections
> Prime Rib of Beef
> Chicken Breast with Stuffing
> Broiled Sole

Tuesday Evening Selections
> Veal Cutlet Marsala
> London Broil
> Shrimp Scampi
> Vegetarian Ravioli
Wednesday Evening Selection
(July & August Poolside Cookout)
> Roast Sirloin
> Fried Chicken
> Broiled Scallops

Thursday Evening Selections
> Charbroiled Strip Steak
> Citrus Baked Salmon
> Smoked Ham Steak

Friday Evening Selections
> Pot Roast
> Veal Parmigiana
> Deep Fried Shrimp

Saturday Evening Selections
> Sliced Roast Sirloin  Au Jus
> Pork  Chop with Stuffing
> Deep Fried Scallops
> Broiled Sole

Sunday Evening Selections
>BBQ Ribs
> Roast Turkey
> Seafood Newburg

*Dinners Include:
Salad Bar, Home-Made Rolls, Potato or Rice, Vegetable and Choice of Dessert